Wonderful Weekend

We had a lot of things we wanted to accomplish this weekend and we actually got almost all of them done. The main one to spend a lot of family time together and we fulfilled that in spades.

Saturday was our first time back to tumbling in 3 weeks, as they had been closed. Penny was so excited! She sang at the top of her lungs during circle time and jumped up a storm on the trampolines. She also spent time on the balance beam and in the foam pit. And- a big achievement… she caught a ball for the very first time:

^^Almost. ^^

^^ YAY! ^^ (someone must have been leaving the gym, too ;)

We then joined the Melluso’s for playground and pizza. We had such a nice time with them all. Gabe spent quite a while holding baby Amelie and the kids loved the water fall by Arizmeti’s. Luckily Saie had a loaner shirt for Penny because both her and Macin got soaked :).

On our way home we stopped off at the store to get…
A potty! Had to test them out first :).

We also bought Miss Penny new shoes and sunglasses.

After her nap we went for a family walk around the neighborhood. When we returned home we were hot from our excursion so we sat outside, Mommy and Daddy enjoying a beer while Penny enjoyed the make-shift water table I created.
water-table-1 water-table-2
Her old bath tub, filled from the hose and bottles for her to fill. She seemed to really enjoy it.

We played catch, too. Wanted to practice from this morning.

It took her a bit…

but she finally got one!
^^ Getting ready… ^^

^^ I got it! ^^

Sunday morning we headed over to the Farmer’s Market at the Marin Civic Center (same place we went to for the County Fair). We are usually a slow-moving bunch on Sunday mornings but we rallied to get there before they closed (we were very proud to be out of the house before noon! :)
^^ Farmers Market family selfie. ^^

We bought fresh strawberries and ate some lunch.

I bought some dahlias which Penny was more than happy to hold from me.
farmers-market-p-flowers farmers-market--daddy-p-flowers

As we were walking back to the car, we saw they were selling “laboons”. Well we couldn’t leave without getting Penny a flower too.
^^ Checking out the situation. ^^

fm-balloons-2 fm-balloons-1
^^ She’s realized she can get one of her own. ^^

^^ Yay, flower laboon! ^^

We ended our Wonderful Weekend with our first BBQ! One of the things on our to-do list was to clean the grill. We hadn’t used it on probably 3+ years. It sat on our front deck at the old apartment, but it had a cover on it which I think helped. So all it took was some elbow grease and a new propane canister and we were cooking.
^^ The Grill Master. ^^


Penny was very excited for a cheeseburger. They fall from the sky in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs so she of course wanted to have one of her own.

One bite only and she was done. She did have some of the bun, which she proclaimed to be “yummy” and of course a lot of finger-fulls of ketchup.

We also had corn on the cob which she tried too. We are thinking maybe the charbroiled on the burger wasn’t to her liking (it never was to mine when I was a kid). I want to try hot dogs for her (cut up, of course, and probably turkey dogs), or maybe some sausages. Regardless, the most enjoyable part of the grilling was sitting together as a family on our deck enjoying the lovely evening. The weather was perfect and we just enjoyed being together. It was a great ending to our quinticentail suburban weekend. If this is what suburbia is all about, we’ll take it :).


26 Months Old

* I have to make note that this is our 700th post. Wow! *


Penny is just so entertaining these days. She is talking up a storm, full sentences that are almost comprehensible :).

She’s acquired a lot of our sayings, such as:
“That’s right.”
“There we go” , after I’ve completed something, like putting her shoes on for instance.
“Oh my goodness”, which is pretty funny.
“Is dat better?”
“Are you OK?” if we’ve coughed, for instance. She asked Gabe earlier today “Are you OK, Daddy?”
A lot of unprovoked I lub you’s. Those are the best.
Says “Thank you” all the time. Often it’s a “Thank you, Mommy.” So polite.

She says “Dat’s a…” and points to something. That comes from us answering her when she asks “What’s dat?”

She understands that we are a family. “Daddy, Penny and Mommy. Family.” Heartwarming.

^^ Just a sweet picture of Penny reading in our old house. ^^

She apologizes a lot, but not when she’s done anything she needs to apologize for. When she does need to apologize, like when she scratches Gabe or I, no apology. We’re trying :).

She has seemed to settle quite well in the new house. “New house, new adventure,” she says. Yes, indeed.

^^ Trying out Daddy’s slippers. ^^

She loves her me-um stickers and finds boo boos all the time. The other day she had a boo boo on her foot, which was invisible to the Mommy Eye. When I asked where it was she said “Right there!” and pointed like i was just nuts. It was very funny.

Her new thing is that she loves playing with the water in the kitchen sink. I have let her stand on a step stool and play for a bit with the faucet running but that may all chance when we get our first water bill. Plus I am not helping with the California draught. Still thinking we should get her a water table for out on the deck.
sink1-2 sink3

We don’t have a bathtub in the new house so we have a set up with a large storage bin. We place it in my very large shower and fill with water, bubbles and her toys. She likes it and even pretends she’s swimming.

She is just a riot, this kid. She loves to dance, loves her stuffed animals, especially New Puppy that Daddy bought her, and her Little Meow key chain that I bought her. She still hasn’t gotten bored with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

She’s a bit pickier with food these days. Seems to only want macaroni and cheese, but will only eat a bit of it when I make it for her. Loves her chips and guacamole. Still a fan of cheese and cherry tomatoes (new milestone she eats them whole now, no more cutting gin half). Has been known to ask for broccoli which I can’t complain about.

She will ask for more, and its “Moy?”. :)

Still sings all the time. She’ll make up these random little songs with a repeated word to tunes we’ve sung to her. A week or so ago we were in Trader Joe’s and I was getting a cheese stick unwrapped for her and she was singing “Yummy, yummy, yummy. Yummy, yummy, yum-my.” I don’t remember what tune it was but she made me and the people around us laugh. She is just so animated and funny.

Yet another month of new experiences and laughs from the little creature. She is just so much fun! We love you sweet girl! xoxo







Memory Lane – Sept. 13, 2012

While going through some old pictures and video I have come across some good ones that haven’t made it on the blog. So I thought they should, with a “Memory Lane” series. The innaugural post is a video from 2 years ago, when Penny was only 8 weeks old.

You’re welcome :).

Oh no, yo yo!

Penny definitely got “into” her yogurt last night. She had dribbled milk all over her shirt so I figured we’d take it off for meal time. I guess the exposed belly was asking for a little spa treatment.

Not to mention her face.

Oh my!

Sunday Pancake Breakfast

Penny helped me make silver dollar pancakes this morning. We usually have Trader Joe’s little frozen jobies, but we ran out. So we made homemade (well, from a mix).

Penny helped mix the batter and then watched as they cooked in the pan.

^^ A dusting of powdered sugar for good measure. Not as sticky as syrup. ^^


After we ate, Penny sat and watched Dora videos on YouTube while I cleaned up the kitchen.


It was a fun first-time cooking together. I want to try and do it more often. Maybe bring the lemon yogurt loaf I used to make all the time back in rotation. I think she would be a great co-baker!