Ice Cream!

We stopped for some ice cream while running errands yesterday.

Three Twins Ice Cream. I had Butterscotch Pecan, Gabe had Raspberry sorbet (which was so refreshing on a very hot day in Marin) and Penny had Madagascar Vanilla. All were delicious.

ice-cream-3 ice-cream-1

 It was a nice treat to try and beat the heat.

^^ The Dynamic Duo, made more powerful with ice cream mustache and goatee. ^^


Penny Picasso

Mommy/Penny painting this morning:

It was her first time using pot paints and she got the hang of it pretty quickly.


She was definitely a fan of the pink, and wanted me to use the white :).

painting 3
^^ The finished product. A joint effort by mother and daughter. ^^

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I was able to make it home from work travel on Saturday so we could celebrate Gabe’s birthday as a family.

There was card reading:

And present opening:
^^ It’s a Squatty Potty! ^^

^^ Thumbs up to the Squatty Potty. ^^

Of course there was (cup) cake:

And singing:

And then of course eating!

Gabe and Penny tired themselves out during the day so there was also some relaxing on the couch before bedtime. Watching Cloudy and a Meatball, of course.

After Penny went to bed Gabe and I had pizza and wine, his preferred method of birthday celebrating. Happy Birthday, and here’s to many more. We love you!

Pizza in the Burbs

Gabe and I made our first official dinner in the new house on Tuesday night… pizza!
^^ Gabe flipping peppers. ^^

^^ Me rolling out the dough. ^^

^^ Our delicious wine. ^^



Yes please! It was even better than it looked.


It was bittersweet to say goodbye to our old house. We had 4 and a half wonderful years there. It’s the first place Gabe and I lived together, where we lived when we got engaged and married. Were we walked across the street from to bring Penny into the word, and the only home we’ve known as a family of 3.

We will always have special memories of our time there. So long old house, we will miss you!

^^ Penny on the stoop. ^^

^^ Penny in the vestibule. ^^

^^ Last family shot in the kitchen. ^^


Bright Girl

A sweet thing happened yesterday while Penny and I were shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond.

She was sitting in the shopping cart, I was pushing and we were just chatting, like we normally do. Pointing out things, asking “What’s that?”, Penny being her curious self. As we turned the corner and stopped to look at something, an older woman  said “I have to tell you, I’ve been listing to you talking and I’ve never heard a brighter child before. Such a big helper and so smart.”

It was such a lovely compliment. We for sure know that our girl is one smart cookie but it was quite touching to hear it from a complete stranger.

Penny sealed the deal by repeating me saying “Thank you” in her sweet emphatic way. And then of course a heartwarming “Goo-BYE!” with a wave.

Loved it and wanted to share.

And in the tradition of not posting without a picture, here is a sweet one from Penny’s last dinner at the old house: