Penny Visits the New House

We took Penny’s to the new house on Saturday after tumbling, park and pizza. We think she liked it…
^^ So much room to run around. ^^

^^ That dishwasher looks mighty interesting. ^^

Exploring the outside:

deck-2-happy deck-1 soccer
^ Testing the turf. ^^

We did try and get her to nap in her room. We set up her travel crib that she has so many times in the past slept in successfully. We brought her sound machine and all her sleeping buddies, but she wanted no part of it. We realized in hindsight that maybe it was because the whole room was empty, not to mention completely new. Probably a little weird for her.

So this happened on the way home, and quite quickly I may add:

Our first order of business on Friday (move day) is getting her room set up, so she has the familiarity of all her stuff. Hopefully that, combined with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Blu-ray (the cable isn’t getting hooked up until the next day) will make her feel a little bit more at home. Fingers crossed :).


Move Update

So yes, we are moving. Today marks our last official week at our current apartment. We are taking the plunge and moving to the burbs. Still renting to give it a try outside of the city.

We are moving to a beautiful large house (no more apartment living) in San Rafael. It has a lovely deck and small side yard and lots of room to run and play. We envision lazy Sundays outside with Penny riding her Radio Flyer and warm evenings BBQing and sitting on the deck.

We have a gorgeous kitchen and an open floor plan.
00G0G_gwFBUkXZ6FH_600x450 00R0R_hj9HyI4AAXC_600x450 01010_5RxBmpFhKF7_600x450

Our commute will be cut from 30+ minutes down to 13 and no more looking for parking!
^^ 2-car garage! ^^

The past couple of weeks have been packing central at our joint. Boxes, boxes, everywhere. We are starting to run out off room to stack them all.
Boxes penny-boxes-1

As much as we will miss our current home, and it really has felt like home, we are excited about out new adventure. We’ve been talking about the “new house” with Penny and she seems excited too. When we are in the car she’ll often ask “New house?” Now that we have the keys we will visit with her tomorrow after tumbling (which incidentally is only 9 minutes from the new house). We are really looking forward to her seeing it for the first time. Hopefully she’ll like it a much as we do.

25 Months


Just a few things to note:

Rubber hands- I do this with Penny, a lot of times when Gabe is brushing her teeth. Basically I take her wrists and shake her hands back and forth and they flop around. Sounds strange, but she loves it. We call it rubber hands.

Baby Whata (stroller)- Penny loves to put Baby Whata in her stroller she got for her birthday from Nono and Nanay. She pushes him around the living room, while I have to hold ‘puppy basket’, the other stuffed dog in the carrier on my shoulder and follow her.

^^ Obviously not around the living room but still gives you an idea. ^^

Penny drinks a lot from her me-um milk cup, but she was still leaning it back like her other milk cups which don’t have a straw, so we showed her how to drink it “down”:
^^ Pardon the shoes :). ^^

Swooshing- Penny quite often will swoosh her milk, or yogurt, or appy sauce, anything liquidy really, in her mouth. It’s both slightly gross and very endearing because I remember doing the same thing as a kid.

Naps- down to one a day. Usually no more that 2 hours, quite often only 1-1/2. Which is a big change from the two 1-1/2 to 2 hour naps she was taking before.

One of Penny’s new sayings is “I like dat”. She has also asked me to watch her do something, like kick her soccer ball. “Mommy watch!”
soccer-1 soccer-2

Another new and constant addition is “What’s dat?” We entered that phase :). She asks, I tell her and then she repeats it. “What’s dat?” (pointing to the sky) “That’s an airplane”. “A airplane.” It’s like she’s trying to imprint it by saying it out loud.

Unless she is really engaged in a game or chasing Macin at daycare, I quite often am greeted with a big “Maaaaah-meeeee!” while she runs towards me. What is better than that?

Penny says bye-bye to everything. Bye-bye to the “tb” (tv), “bye-bye outside” as we pass the front door going to the garage, “bye-bye tushy” as i put her diaper on “bye-bye cloudy with meatbawrs”…

Penny’s is having her first movie obsession, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Gabe has taught her how to cheer and one of the favorites is “Meat-bawrs, meat-bawrs, meat-bawrs!” while pumping her arm in the air. We have watched this movie no less that 40 times in the past 3 weeks, no exaggeration. It’s the first this she asks for in the morning (“Meatbawrs?”) and the first thing she wants when we get home from Ana’s. I will admit i have been guilt of enjoying it too… it’s quite an entertaining movie. But we are also working on cutting back on the viewing. The first step is admitting you have a problem :).
^^ The Boos getting into the action. ^^

Another new-ish trend with Penny is being disciplined :). Gabe and I are working on it (he’s better than me). Time-outs have been established for throwing food. We feel we had a successful one a couple of Sundays ago… we think she got it. We are also working on hitting (just me and Gabe luckily, no one at daycare) and holding hands while crossing the street. There’s a lot of no’s, pulling away and sitting on the ground, from Penny, not us ;). This one is tough but non-negotiable.

We’ve got to keep this incredible kiddo safe!


First Ice Cream Cone

What’s a trip to Ikea without the frozen yogurt soft serve.

We each got our own cone, Penelope included.

It was her first ice cream cone. She bit it more that licked it but it still mostly made it into her belly, so whatever works :).


While I think we are all over the 3 flights of stairs to get to our apartment, they were a big part of our life for a long time. Memories of carrying Penny in her infant car seat, not realizing how light she was or easy to move :). Holding her when we retired that seat and moved her into her current car seat and stroller. When she started flexing her independence and wanted to crawl up the stairs.
^^ February 2014 ^^

To now, when she can climb both up and down while holding our hands (and sometimes by herself).

It will make life much easier to just park the car in the garage and be basically in our house but I will have fond memories of those 54 stairs, not to mention the great exercise we got!