Time-Out Tunes

We put the straps back on Penny’s highchair so we can implement time-outs, mostly due to her tendency to throw her food. Tonight was one of those nights. You be the judge as to how successful the time-out was.

Seems really broken up about it, huh? :)

Muphy and Rosie’s Birthday Party

Last Saturday we attended the joint birthday celebration of Murphy, who turned 4 on July 12, and Rosie who turned 1 one July 20.

It was at Murphy’s preschool, which is such a fun place! Tons of toys, both inside and out. Penny had a blast.
horsey-1 horsey-2
^^ Horsey! ^^

^^ Abacuses (or is it abaci?) with Rosie ^^

^^ Play kitchen with Daddy. Pizza, yum! ^^

^^ Our attempt at a Girl’s Shot. Penny was distracted by the stove. ^^

There was a dinosaur piñata that Penny tried her hand at after it was on the floor.

^^ A lolli. ^^

^^ Raisins for the first time. She liked. ^^

^ The Dino/Fire Engine Cake. ^^

^ The birthday girl’s Cookie Monster cupcake. ^^

Penny was not shy when it came to getting some cake. She got right in there with all the other kids, scooted herself on a chair and waited to be served. It was sweet to see her do that.

^^ The Graces, minus the Birthday Boy. It was hard to pin him down… too much excitement. ^^

^^ Sleeping Beauty on the way home, tired out by all the birthday party fun! ^^


It was a lovely day today so we spent some time outside on our little deck. It gets a little windy up here, but the sun helped to make it comfortable.

Miss Penny dressed for the weather. She looks like she’s ready for the beach :).IMG_8399

Penny’s 2nd Birthday

We had such a great day celebrating Penny’s big 0-2. We started with a Happy Birthday wake-up:

Then we gave Penny her birthday present:

penny-piano-1 penny-piano-2

We had her brunch birthday party at Julius Kahn playground. Bagels and lox, fruit salad and muffins, coffee, juice and mimosas – yum.food


We were happy that so many friends and family were able to join us.

Kelly and Dan, Scott and Jenni


Tito Dennis, Sylvia and Jessie


Kian and Jordan (and Melissa, too).


Charmaine (John, too).


Xenia and Mimi (Sal and Baby Amelie, too).


Hi Poppy!


Mr. & Mrs. Sourdough (Michael/Patches and Ellen)

Everyone was so generous with their gifts. One Penny opened at the party was from Greg and Nathalie. She is in love with her new puppies, she calls one “Baby Whata” – Baby Jaguar from Dora. We don’t see a resemblance, but that’s quite alright ;).

There was a lot of playing in the playground.


We were able to pull her off the playground with the promise of cupcakes!
cupcake-scream cupcake-family


Penny played some more with Mimi before we wrapped it up.

We returned home and after Penny napped for a bit we opened some presents.


Puzzles from Poppy!


Thank you kisses for Poppy.


A pizza set from Jessie- delicious!

We Facetimed with Nono and Nanay, Keese, Josef and the boys while we opened their presents…
…which included a Hello Kitty backpack, baby stroller, tea set and dress from Nono and Nanay, and a pink soccer and cones from Keese and gang :).

What a wonderful day we had celebrating Penny’s 2nd birthday. Everyone’s generosity was so appreciated, as was then joining us at the party.

sign-2 sign-1
Penny’s face in this one looks just like this (far right). She was 10 months old. My how time is flying!

What a great day of family, friends and celebration we had. Happy Birthday to our big girl! We love you so.

2 Years Old!


“We did it!” (as Dora and Boots would say.) 2 years old. What a beautiful, strong, smart and funny little girl we have on our hands.

She is just a joy to watch explore and grow, talking now so much it’s hard to keep track of the new things.

Some to note are:
- “Dada so shiwy” (and now Dada is “Daddy”)
- “Hi sweetheart” (picked up from Aunt J’s visit)
– When I say “Hey Penny, you know what?” She says “I lub you” (also progressed from “I wuv you”).
- “Be careful bubbie”. (got that one from Mommy)
- “Again?”
- “Whadeewant!” (when pointing to something she wants. Picked up from me asking her “what do you want”?)
- “Mommy help?” and “Help me?” (for the first time to Poppy and Jessie this past weekend, to button her jacket, so cute)
- “Some some?” (for the body lotion or hand sanitizer on her changing table)

She understands the concept of upside-down.

Here she was trying to put the valet key in the glove compartment lock. I told her it was upside-down and she turned it over! I was impressed.

Here she was trying to put the valet key in the glove compartment lock. I told her it was upside-down and she turned it over! I was impressed.


“Mommy sit, Petty sit, Dada sit.” She will do this when we are all together (obviously) and it is really very sweet. Like she’s taking inventory that we are all accounted for.

She has taken a big liking to her “lankies” (blankies). She likes to sit on the couch with her “Petty lankie” and my “Mommy lankie”). Or she will get all cozy and pretends to sleep.

She often askes for it at naptime. But will get upset if during her sleep she moves and the cover get messed up.

Look at the dark little head peeping out.

Look at the dark little head peeping out.

Penny loves to sing! She sings all the time. She knows so many of the standards: The Alphabet Song, Watermelon, Ba-ba Blacksheep, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Happy Birthday, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle. The list goes on and on. She really is on tune. She may not know all the words but she hits every note.

It’s quit impressive. We’re excited to see how this talent progresses.

She will also take a word that she’s just heard or an abstract sound (like bum) and then sing it to the tune of one of the songs in her repertoire.

She sings songs from Dora, such as “Grumpy Old Troll is Getting Married” (she’ll ‘freestyle’ to this tune, too) and the theme song, particularly the “Swiper no swiping” portion, and then follow it up with an emphatic “Oh Man!”.

She also started saying “Oh man!” now when something happens that warrants it, like dropping her spoon or tipping over her milk cup. It’s quite funny.

We have a new game we play, she calls it “Booida, Booida?”, we call is “Boinga, Boinga”. She sits on our legs which are resting on the coffee table and we bounce her up and down. It’s a nice little workout and she just loves it.

Penny can pretty much walk up stairs without holding on. We let her do it on the 2 stairs we have in the house. The outside stairs still need some practice.

We get full-blown “big squeezies”, now with the added grunting sound effect. Adorable. This combined with kisses (“mwahs”) are just the best ever!

What a year we’ve had with this wonderful creature that we get to call our own. How did we get so lucky to have such a blessing? We are forever in awe of this little lady and are overwhelmed with love. Happy Happy HAPPY 2nd birthday our beautiful baby. We love you always and forever and ever!