Rosh Hashana 2014

We celebrated Rosh Hashana this evening with a blessing and apples and honey to ring in a sweet New Year.

I think my shot-glass candle holders are an improvement from last year.

Penny wasn’t too impressed with the apples and honey:
rosh-hashana-2014-2rosh-hashana-2014-3 rosh-hashana-2014-4

Oh well, we tried :). Miss Penny is sweet enough. She liked the candles though.rosh-hashana-2014-candles

L’shana tova!

Peacock Gap Park


Continuing our tour of The Playgrounds of San Rafael, Penny and I went to Peacock Gap Park yesterday. It’s in a lovely setting, at the end of a wooded residential area full of beautiful homes. Check out that logo. Love it.

The playground was great for us. It has 2 play areas which makes it the largest we’ve been to so far. The one that is geared more towards the toddlers has a large boat structure that Penny liked.


There is a wheel up top that she turned…

…while singing this song from Dora:

There is a playhouse similar to the one at the Civic Center playground that she also enjoyed sitting in.
sitting-2 sitting-1

And 3 different slides:
slides more-slides

This has been my favorite park so far. There is a large grassy area as well as lots of benches and there’s also a little market not too far away where we can get sandwiches and lunch fixings. I see a picnic at Peacock Gap Park in our future.

Poppy and Jessie’s Visit

Waaaaay overdue post from when Poppy and Jessie came to visit us for Penny’s birthday!

Friday July 11th we picked up Poppy and Jessie from the airport. They flew in to be with us for Penny’s Big 0-2.

We all ventured to Costo to do some party shopping. It made for a Friday Hi feature :). Then we went to lunch at Rigolo.
^^ Everyone’s face in the picture cracks me up. ^^

There were a lot of hugs and kisses during the weekend.
kisses-Jessie kisses-poppy

Some couch surfing:

Penny loved her sticker card from Poppy.

It was so great having them here to celebrate Penny’s birthday.

There was a lot of piano playing too.
PennyPoppy-Piano jessie-poppy-penny-pianopiano-lesson-for-penny

^^ Getting some lessons from the master. ^^

Wrapped up the birthday with dinner at Troya.

It was another great visit. Looking forward to the next one, where we can enjoy our new house and deck!

Thanks for the visit Jessie and Poppy!

New Playground and Duckies


Penny and I went to the playground at the Civic Center last week. I’ve been trying to visit all the local parks to find our favorite. This one was OK. Still haven’t found one that rivals our old playgrounds in the city, or the one we go to after tumbling, but we still had a great time!

This one did have a little house that Penny really liked. She made me macaroni and cheese:

and silly faces!:

The playground is right by a pond that she also really liked. There are small fountains that bubble water from their centers. She thought that was funny.

There are also ducks you can feed. A girl and her grandmother shared some of their bread with us.
pond1 pond2 pond3

I promised Penny next time we come we’ll bring bread of our own.


Good times with my little miss.



Her Process

An inside peek at the artist at work:

She even has that tortured artist look down at the end :).

And the finished “perfect” product, although she went back a few more rounds, resulting in even more “perfect”:).perfect-picture