27 Months

A week overdue, but still wanted to share Penny at 27 months -

A lot of full sentences now:

• “I need help” (hyelp sounds a little southern).

• “I see you!”
• Has been calling me “Mom” or “Mom-Mom“. Mommy is still in there, too.

• Asks us to take her shoes on – she hasn’t quite gotten on and off yet.

• “Mommy help you?” when she is asking for help (again repeating what we say to her – “Mommy will help you.”)

• “Turn feet on?” We use our toes to turn the noise machine on in her room (it’s on the floor).

• A lot of “sit on lap?” No problem here.

• “Lie down Daddy?” Lie down Mommy?” This is when we are putting her to sleep. There’s “pick the book you want” which we usually have to read 2-3 times (at least) and then it’s “Lie down Daddy?” in the chair in her room. Recently this process has been longer than previous. Fighting the teeth brushing isn’t helping either. Bed time as of late has been taking anywhere from half to one hour.

Loves pink. Its officially her favorite color.
^^ Playing on her pink blanket. ^^

She is pretending so much now. Loves to “make food” and pretends to eat. “Nyum nyum.”

Doesn’t like having her hair brushed, washed, rinsed or put up. That’s been fun seeing as she has so much, but nope- we aren’t cutting it just yet :).
^^ The now-famous pushing of the hair off her face :). ^^

We bought a potty and have it in our hallway. She’s aware of it and what it’s used for (we think) so we are slowly moving towards training.

Our little girl is growing up and is sillier than ever.
^^ The silly duo after tumbling/playground/pizza last Saturday. ^^

Nicasio Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we went to the Nicasio Pumpkin Patch. The scenery on the drive north was beautiful.
drive2 drive1


We got there and met the Mellusos:

And Penny explored the offerings:
scoping-out-the-goods-1 scoping-out-the-goods-2

^^ Nice drumstick Daddy! ^^

We got some BBQ and joined the the gang, which now included the Sancristobal’s (Kenya, Omar, Havana and Baby Harlem) under a shade tent… it was getting hot out!
^^ Chicken sandwich for Gabe, sausage for me. Potato salad to share + lots of water. ^^

^^ Spoon cheese (Laughing Cow) for Penny. ^^

The kids found a carton full of plastic produce that they enjoyed playing with while we took advantage of the shade.

Then it was ice cream time (thanks for treating, Sal).

I was hoping we would get the kids on the train ride but after Penny sat on the really hot black cushion she decided she wanted no part of it.

I did get her into the bouncy house for a few minutes.

It took a bit of coercing but when we realized I could go in with her she was ok.


We explored the petting zoo as well (really just some chickens, ducks and a couple of rabbits, bur Penny enjoyed it! )


Sal took this great family shot of us:

And the one Macin photobombed:

The kids comparing goods, I mean gourds:

Penny with the 2 she chose while Daddy got the car. Did I mention it was hot?:

And our bounty at home:
^^ 2 front gourds from the patch. Small pumpkin from the market and white and orange gourds from TJ’s. ^^